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  • Dwyer-Lindgren, L.; Cork, M.A.; Sligar, A.; Streuben, K.M.; Wilson, K.F.; Provost, N.R.; Mayala, B.K.; VanderHeide, J.D.; Collison, M.L.; Hall, J.B.; Biehl, M.H.; Carter, A.; Frank, T.; Douwes-Schultz, D.; Burnstein, R.; Casey, D.C.; Deshpande, A.; Earl, L.; Bcheraoui, C.E.; Farag, T.H.; Henry, N.J.; Kinyoki, D.; Marczak, L.B.; Nixon, M.R.; Osgood-Zimmerman, A.; Pigott, D.; Reiner, R.C.; Ross, J.M.; Schaeffer, L.E.; Smith, D.L.; Weaver, N.D.; Wiens, K.E.; Eaton, J.W.; Justman, J.E.; Opio, A.; Sartorius, B.; Tanser, F.; Wabiri, N.; Piot, P.; Murray, C.J.L.; Hay, S.I. (2019-06-05)
    HIV/AIDS is a leading cause of disease burden in sub-Saharan Africa. Existing evidence has demonstrated that there is substantial local variation in the prevalence of HIV; however, subnational variation has not been ...

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