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  • Gelfand, M.J.; Raver, J.L.; Nishii, L.; Leslie, L.M.; Lun, J.; Lim, B.C.; Duan, L.; Almaliach, A.; Ang, S.; Arnadottir, J.; Aycan, Z.; Boehnke, K.; Boski, P.; Cabecinhas, R.; Chan, D.; Chhokar, J.; D'Amato, A.; Ferrer, M.; Fischlmayr, I.C.; Fischer, R.; Fulop, M.; Georgas, J.; Kashima, E.S.; Kashima, Y.; Kim, K.; Lempereur, A.; Marquez, P.; Othman, R.; Overlaet, B; Panagiotopoulou, P.; Peltzer, K.; Perez-Florizno, L.R.; Ponomarenko, L.; Realo, A.; Schei, V.; Schmitt, M.; Smith, P.B.; Soomro, N.; Szabo, E.; Taveesin, N.; Toyama, M.; Van de Vliert, E.; Vohra, N.; Ward, C.; Yamaguchi, S. (2015-08-25)
    With data from 33 nations, we illustrate the differences between cultures that are tight (have many strong norms and a low tolerance of deviant behavior) versus loose (have weak social norms and a high tolerance of deviant ...

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