Africa Insight

Show simple item record Baynham, Simon Clapham, Christopher Kotze, Hennie Esterhuysen, Pieter Bekker, J C Malan, Johan Rogerson, C M Leistner, Erich Coetzee, Stef Levin, M Gule, Gugulethu Kritzinger, JJ Chandler, Tertius Tarver, James D Rankin, Elizabeth 2014-03-25T08:45:04Z 2014-03-25T08:45:04Z 1993
dc.identifier.issn 0256-2604
dc.description Africa Insight is published quarterly by the Africa Institute of South Africa, an independent study centre concerned with African affairs. en
dc.description.abstract This journal focuses on contemporary issues of Africa en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.subject Comment: Will Africa's democracy survive? en
dc.subject Politics: The Hom of Africa: Consequences of insurgency en
dc.subject Politics: Land reform in South Africa: An overview en
dc.subject Politics: Africa in transition towards democracy 1990-1993 en
dc.subject Politics: The role of chiefs in a future South African constitutional dispensation en
dc.subject Politics: The foundations of ethnicity and some of its current ramifications in Namibia en
dc.subject Economics and development: British aid to Southern Africa: The role of the commonwealth development corporation en
dc.subject Economics and development: Migration of high-level African manpower to South Africa en
dc.subject Economics and development: Reconciling structural adjustment and reconstruction en
dc.subject Economics and development: Urban planning and employment creation en
dc.subject Economics and development: Socio-cultural constraints to family planning in Swaziland en
dc.subject Religion: The numbers game: Independent Churches en
dc.subject Urbanization: Urbanization in colonial Africa en
dc.subject Bookreview: Bernard Gxwensa and Ruben Xulu en
dc.title Africa Insight en
dc.type Book en

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