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  • Schreiber, B.; Luescher, T.; Perozzi, B.; Moscaritolo, L.B. (2021-11-12)
    The Covid 19 pandemic has highlighted the challenges that present obstacles to equitable learning and development in higher education in various parts of the world. African higher education and Student Affairs and Services ...
  • Scholvin , S.; Turok, I.; Visagie, J.; Diez, J.R. (Routledge, 2021-11-10)
    There is growing scepticism about global value chains because of their association with an unequal global trading system. Regionally coordinated and integrated production in Asia appears to have served as a better mechanism ...
  • Cooper, S.; Van Rooyen, H.; Wiysonge , C.S. (Taylor and Francis, 2021-11-10)
    Acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines is critical to personal health, protecting vulnerable populations, reopening socio-economic life, and achieving population health and safety through immunity. The primary aim of this review ...
  • Foreword 
    Bohler-Muller, N. (Vernon Press, 2021-11-10)
    This book has been developed out of curiosity and concerns that the growing tensions between states over maritime boundaries, vulnerabilities of landlocked states, and the fragility of seas and coastal spaces are significant ...
  • Sanchez Betancourt, D.; Vivier, E. (Routledge, 2021-11-10)
    Evidence suggests that substantial and robust community engagement is essential to local urban governance. In this paper, we reflect on the importance of a more comprehensive approach to community engagement that values ...

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