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Show simple item record Cornwell, Richard Hyden, Professor Goran van Aardt, Maxi Ayee, Dr Joseph R A Akinnusi, Dr D M Marx, Professor J Hough, Professor J Slabbert, T J C Van Wyk, J O Levin, M Coetzee, W Fair, Professor Denis Venter, Dr Denis Maritz, Professor Chris Esterhuysen, Pieter du Toit, Pierre 2014-03-25T12:55:55Z 2014-03-25T12:55:55Z 1996
dc.identifier.issn 0256-2804
dc.description Africa Insight (incorporating the AI Bulletin) is published quarterly by the Africa Institute of South Africa, an independent study centre concerned with African affairs. en
dc.description.abstract This journal focuses on contemporary issues of Africa en
dc.language.iso en en
dc.subject Lost prophets Comment en
dc.subject The challenges of analysing and building civil society en
dc.subject A foreign policy to die for: South Africa 's response to the Nigerian crisis en
dc.subject Ghana's return to constitutional rule en
dc.subject Occupational health and safety in Swaziland en
dc.subject Attracting foreign investment to Africa: The South African case en
dc.subject Poverty among blacks in the Vaal Triangle: Measured in terms of income indicators en
dc.subject East African tourist trends en
dc.subject Regional security in sub-Saharan Africa en
dc.subject The Subia and Fwe of Caprivi: Any historical grounds for a status of primus inter pares? en
dc.subject Africa focus en
dc.subject Africa in transItion to democracy en
dc.subject Bookshelf and Book review: State building and democracy in Southern Africa: Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa en
dc.subject Africa Institute news/ Africa studies news en
dc.title Africa Insight en
dc.type Book en

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