21 Narratives of ethical dilemmas and their therapeutic resolutions in the 21st century: ethics architecture handbook

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dc.description.abstract This book is sure to stir up emotions and ring bells everywhere to expose obnoxious corruption and all its manifestations. The book provides 21 living narratives, including: multinational companies bribery in Africa; Reserve Bank and the homelamd corruption; scandal of large orders of school text books; a corrupt professor turned politician; cyber corruption; Nkandlagate scandal; sharks and crocodiles in the industry; supply chain under fire; lonely wife monkey tricks; fronting; bribes come also in refuse bags these days!; shenanigans in state owned entities; military airbase; top brass politician under pressure to return a gift; why new brooms are failing to sweep clean? Professor Modimowabarwa Kanyane has written a book that will add knowledge and understanding to the most ravenous social cancer of society corruption. It is a disease which knows no social classes but largely prefers to afflict the greedy within society. The book assists in sharpening understanding and appreciation of the depth to which corruption has penetrated our society. Whilst the book is written by an academic, it is simple and accessible enough to be read and understood by any literate person.Review by Prof R.H Nengwekhulu 21 Narratives of ethical dilemmas is a publication whose time has come. There could be no other time than now to shun corruption. Such corrupt activities as bribery, fraud, extortion, nepotism, favouritism, racketeering, money laundering and patronage are very dangerous and corrosive activities in society. In Africa, Latin-America and South-East Asia, where societies are hatching out of cocoons of colonialism, oppression and racism, corruption tends to reverse revolutionary gains. This book is the best work available on ethics, morality, accountability and integrity as a buffer zone to counter greed, gluttony, ostentatiousness and people's insatiable appetite for more money to get-rich-quick. Professor Modimowabarwa Kanyane has outdone himself this time with this outstanding and exceedingly informative piece of work. Review by Hon K.A.R Phala This edition is a must-read for all champions of industry and their communities. It must be at the door of every public official, business, families, political and community leaders, including academics, learners and social agents. The 21st Century therapeutic resolutions for human pathologies presented in these 21 narratives are critical for human development within the context of modelled ethics architecture. I personally recommend this book of succinct narratives for you to internalize and overcome ethical dilemmas of this world. Read and be wise so that you can become a true social change agent! en
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dc.title 21 Narratives of ethical dilemmas and their therapeutic resolutions in the 21st century: ethics architecture handbook en
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dc.bibliographictitle Kanyane, M.H. (2014) 21 Narratives of ethical dilemmas and their therapeutic resolutions in the 21st century: ethics architecture handbook. Wandsbeck: Reach Publishers. http://hdl.handle.net/20.500.11910/2389 en
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