Parasites, nutrition, child development, and public policy

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dc.description.abstract Most public policy with respects to intestinal parasites is built on the premise that children would be better off without them. The evidence in the research literature for a casual link between parasitic infection and impaired cognitive function or delayed cognitive development is by no means complete. Review articles in the past few years have returned cautious verdicts regarding the beneficial effect of treatment: "not proven" but "plausible", or "a qualified yes". These views have raised a number of questions about the way in which research in this field has been conducted ad the conclusions that may legitimately be drawn from this body of work. This paper takes developmental view of the questions raised in the reviews, and outlines some of the implications for public policy. en
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dc.title Parasites, nutrition, child development, and public policy en
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dc.BudgetYear 2003/04 en
dc.ResearchGroup Child, Youth and Family Development en
dc.SourceTitle Controlling disease due to helminth infections en
dc.SourceTitle.Author Kvalsvig, J.D. en
dc.SourceTitle.Editor Crompton, D.W.T. en
dc.SourceTitle.Editor Montresor, A. en
dc.SourceTitle.Editor Nesheim, M.C. en
dc.SourceTitle.Editor Savioli, L. en
dc.PlaceOfPublication Geneva en
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dc.PageNumber 55-65 en
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dc.bibliographictitle Kvalsvig, J.D. (2003) Parasites, nutrition, child development, and public policy. In: Crompton, D.W.T., Montresor, A., Nesheim, M.C. & Savioli, L. (eds).Controlling disease due to helminth infections. Geneva: World Health Organization. 55-65. en
dc.publicationyear 2003 en
dc.contributor.author1 Kvalsvig, J.D. en

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